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We welcome all those who were touched by John and Alicia Nash’s lives to share their thoughts and memories.

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  1. Dear Nash,
    Although i never get the chance to meet you in person, you and your life inspires me for decades and the influence will last for my whole life. Thank you for what you have did for the world and we all miss you very much.

  2. I was a rookie dispatcher with DPS in 2005. I was on break outside Stanhope and Mr. Nash was walking by, I wished him a good morning. He stopped, mentioned the weather and started talking to me about gardening. I recognised him from pictures and was mostly in awe. I’ve seen him on campus through the years but never got another chance to chat. He was a very humble person albeit his brilliance and world celebrity. He will be dearly missed by the campus community.

  3. Ideal Money (http://sites.stat.psu.edu/~babu/nash/money.pdf) is a lecture proposal by John Nash about how an electronically issued money in the form of a stably issued supply will asymptotically take the power from central banks to print money. He gave talks all over the world and wrote papers on the subject for the last 20 years. It is a remarkable conclusion to his works and I am quite confident in the future we will realize once again we have failed to give this man anywhere near the credit his is due.

    Welcome to the end of Keynesian economics and the birth of the Nashian kind.


  4. I never knew John Nash. But for so very long, he was often my only hope for survival. I knew that If he could work through Schizophrenia and achieve greatness, maybe, just maybe, I could work through my depression and achieve mediocrity.

    I came to Princeton for John Nash, but I’m going to be part of the first generation of students in a long time whose Princeton experience in some way is not marked by John Nash. I am content knowing that I walk the same halls he once did and I hope that I will find in them the remarkable strength that he displayed.

  5. I just know him from a paper, journal, article and magazine. when I first time have read his biography I was impressed, at that time I always looking chance for meet him, but now I never can meet him.

    Love you Professor, adore you for what you have done for the whole knowledge. is too short for great men like you. Rest In Peace Professor.

  6. As a young teenager, John Nash captivated my imagination with one of the first ever papers I read in mathematics. After a long hiatus away from the academic world, I think John Nash is once again my biggest inspiration. When I think of creative ways to think about problems in my first year as a graduate student, I always think of how Nash tackled the Nash embedding theorem when I do anything related to mathematics and I will joining the rest of the university in honoring his mathematical genius and his life at Princeton University on October 24th.

  7. My deepest condolences to everyone in the immediate and extended family of Mr. and Mrs. Nash.

    As an overwhelmed, unruly undergraduate math major I was always scrambling around the math department during my university years. Quite often I would find that I had hustled out to the department without my books, bag, etc.

    One day I needed a pen or pencil and couldn’t find any, so I ducked into the first office I found on the third floor of Fine Hall. I couldn’t immediately locate a writing utensil… until a friendly fellow walked in and kindly asked if he could help. With my trademark sincerity I let him know I just want to borrow, or likely steal, a pencil. He fetched one and handed it over with a smile. Much later while telling a friend did I come to realize I had received a kindness from one of the great minds of our times, Mr. Nash.

    May our Lord’s light shine bright and everlasting for the departed and may they rest in His peace.

  8. I am so glad for the memories I have with him. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk with him on the Dinky about various things, both coming and going to campus. I remember walking with him to Fine Hall, seeing him at math department functions, having lunch together at Frist sometimes, and randomly meeting on campus from 2000-2013. After I left the University, we would chat sometimes when he came to the various evening events at the Institute for Advanced Study. I am very grateful to have been lucky enough to run into him one last time at a photo shoot for him at the Institute a few months before his passing. Please rest in peace.

  9. I was not lucky to meet Prof. Nash but i am lucky about doing the same job. He was a great figure for all community of people, not just math community. Matematik camiası başta olmak üzere tüm insanlığın başı sağolsun. Rest in peace.

  10. Dr. John Nash’s biografy movie “A beautiful mind” and his work made me want to enter at Princeton at the maths department. I know I won’t be as good as he was, but let’s give it a try. I was trully shocked when I found out that the doctor, to whom I wanted to send a letter a few days before he was dead to tell him how much he inspired me, was dead. God bless his heart and beautiful mind.
    RIP Dr. John Nash

  11. La science en général ,les mathématiques en particulier doivent et devront encore beaucoup au génie de Monsieur Nash.
    Respect et souvenir

  12. I wrote a paper about Mr. Nash when I was in college, and during the research and writing of the paper I became both fascinated and deeply touched by his achievements and his fight against obstacles in his life. In addition, the love and support shared between Mr. and Mrs. Nash is truly a beautiful thing that can only come from a beautiful mind. R.I.P. Mr. and Mrs. Nash.

  13. For me, Nash is the most important person like mathematician, in the last 50 years. Today I have seen the bad new, in Internet. The contribution of Games Theorie is, simply, essential, for the behavior of the trade world: options and futures. The terrorific illness couldn’t with the “beautiful mind”: good luck for all the mathematician of the world. Good luck for John Nash, where you are in this moment.

  14. R.I.P Prof. Nash. Whatever I am today … just coz of you. Without you…I am nothing.

  15. I know of Dr. Nash only through the movie about his life, which so many others have found inspirational. Having been myself to the edge of madness, withdrew into writing instead of mathematics. I do not understand mathematics but I recognize courage and dignity, which only comes from facing the fire in the soul which seeks first to destroy us before it becomes the warming and iron-bending friend. Dr. Nash remains an inspiration of one who plunged into that fire and emerged not unscathed but remade in a way that allows us to see the world in new ways.

  16. I watched the movie “A Beautiful Mind” many a times…..cherishing the glory of Dr.John Nash. I am greatly influenced by his continuous combat with his mental illness with indomitable spirit….it really reminds that “human mind is unconquerable”….Indeed Dr.Nash was a mathematical genius….I pray to God for his and his wife’s departed soul to rest in heaven….rest in peace….He will always be remembered for his great contribution in game theory and differential equations and also for his spirited mathematical zeal despite suffering from schizophrenia.
    Great respects…..Rest in Peace….

  17. On August 29, 2012 I defended my doctoral thesis, and Nash showed up at the luncheon. He asked whether I was “the guy with the double last name,” to which I replied affirmatively. His follow-up question was, “Does that mean that you’re the product of an incestuous relationship?” (He was familiar with the Spanish naming conventions, clearly. Indeed: the double last name suggests that my parents are related, and they are in fact second cousins.) Everyone laughed, and I think only my mother was shocked. I thanked him the next week for providing me with my own John Nash anecdote.

  18. As a Princeton staff member I always enjoyed seeing John Nash on my walks through campus or while taking lunch at Frist campus center. I felt lucky to be in the presence of such a revered and respected man,whose life story had such incredible twists and turns. Who knows,he may yet be seen as the Phantom of Fine Hall. I,for one,will be looking.

  19. I heard of john nash story from the movie”the beautiful mind” and touched by his achievements and courage,especially his genius.The day before yesterday I looked through the book”beautiful mind”about nash life and work, and again moved by his original work on math.He is a great mathematician.

  20. John’s tough life inspired millions of people who were fortunate to have got a lot more but achieved much less. I have been very fortunate to often meet with him at lunch in the Frist Center and in Jadwin Hall and sometime in his office. He always used to call me whenever he needed some help with his computer. He had my name and cell number on his blackboard, which I take it as the blessings of a genius, a truly beautiful mind. What better award an ordinary person like me could expect in my life?

    Love you John, adore you for what you have done for the whole world. One life is too short for legends like you. Rest In Peace my Angel…RIP.

  21. Nash was and will always be my inspiration. Alicia was great for him and I wish I could find a man who would put up with my weirdness like she put up with and loved Nash despite his differences. I will think of John now everytime I am doing my math work. He will never be forgotten. He was Brilliant in his own way of Genius.

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